SEO Glasgow | Reasons That Your Business Needs SEO

If you are a company that is considering SEO Glasgow, then you’ve come to the right place. SEO is an extremely useful tool in today’s digital world and it can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful website. Here are just some of the benefits of SEO, and why your company needs it if it doesn’t already.

Low Cost

SEO is a smarter way to boost your business. The cost compared to traditional marketing methods, and even compared to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is astonishing. SEO is technically free, you will need to pay for the initial set up, and potentially an SEO company to run a campaign for you. You will not need to pay for advertising, and the effects of SEO last a lot longer than any other type of marketing.

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Increased Traffic

SEO Glasgow is a sure fire way to increase your web traffic. SEO boosts your organic listening’s on Google, which means your website will rank higher in the search results. People are more likely to look at the top 5 results. There is a very small chance that the average consumer will go to pay 4 of the search results in order to find your website. The higher you are the better, with 60% of clicks going to the top website alone.

More Brand Credibility

When a search engine, like Google, trusts your website, it ranks your website higher. People tend to trust Google and that is also why it is unlikely for consumers to go more than a couple of pages into the search results – that’s if they even go past the first page at all.

Better Return on Investment

You are likely to double your ROI if you choose SEO over PPC, with 2% of every 1,000 clicks turning into a sale for PPC and 4% of every 1,000 clicks turning into a sale for SEO.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

SEO is becoming more and more popular amongst businesses. If you aren’t doing it, it’s almost guaranteed that they are. In this climate, if you don’t keep up you get left behind. Don’t be outdone by your competitors.

SEO Will Help Your Website Stand Out

There are 250 million websites online, without SEO it’s a wonder that consumers can even see your website if you aren’t using SEO already. SEO will help push your website above competitors and allow consumers to find your organisation based on keywords that are relevant to your business.

Why You Need Professional Assistance with SEO Glasgow

There are many businesses out there who will make a poor attempt at SEO themselves, before proclaiming that it doesn’t work. When SEO isn’t done properly there is a high chance that you will see the opposite to what you were hoping. Bad SEO, such as keyword stuffing, often gets seen as spam by Google. This means that they are likely to decrease your rankings instead of increasing them.